# Autocomplete & Select

  • autoComplete.js - Simple autocomplete pure vanilla Javascript library
  • Awesomplete - Ultra lightweight, customizable, simple autocomplete widget with zero dependencies
  • Cleave.js - Format your input content when you are typing
  • Completely - A javascript library for autocompletion
  • nya-bootstrap-select - Select element or dropdown with Bootstrap style and an angular way.
  • Select2 - The jQuery replacement for select boxes
  • selectivity - Modular and light-weight selection library for jQuery and Zepto.js
  • typeahead.js - a flexible JavaScript library that provides a strong foundation for building robust typeaheads
  • Glider.js
  • ItemSlide.js - A simple & beautiful touch carousel
  • Keen Slider - is a free library agnostic touch slider with native touch/swipe behavior and great performance.
  • simple-keyboard - a fast, dependency-free and customizable virtual keyboard for rich and snappy web applications.
  • simple-slider - Extremely lightweight JavaScript carousel micro library
  • slick - The last carousel you'll ever need

# Color Picker

  • Pickr - Flat, simple, multi-themed, responsive and hackable Color-Picker library. No dependencies

# Checkbox

  • Switch - A simple and powerful switch for checkbox.
  • Switchery - iOS 7 style switches for your checkboxes

# Date & Time

# Diagramming

  • GoJS
  • [JointJS](Visualize and interact with diagrams and graphs)
  • uPlot - A small, fast chart for time series, lines, areas, ohlc & bars

# Dialogs

  • BootboxJS - Bootstrap modals made easy.
  • micromodal - a lightweight, configurable and a11y-enabled modal library written in pure JavaScript
  • Modaal - An accessible modal dialog window plugin for all humans.
  • rmodal.js - 1.2 KB modal dialog box, with no dependencies
  • SweetAlert2 - A beautiful replacement for JavaScript's "alert".

# Editors


# Grids

  • jsgrids - A List of JavaScript Spreadsheets and Data Grid Libraries
  • Grid.js - a Free and open-source HTML table plugin written in TypeScript.

# Input

  • Creditcard.js is a more usable credit card form
  • noUISlider - lightweight JavaScript range slider
  • Starability - Sugarcoated rating. Accessible to everyone.
  • Tabular Input Fields - Tabular Input Fields
  • Text-Masks - Text Mask is an input mask library. It can create input masks for phone, date, currency, zip code, percentage, email, and literally anything!
  • VanillaMasker - A pure javascript input masker
  • WideArea - is a simple textarea that can be maximized to whole screen.

# Layout

  • Masonry is a JavaScript grid layout library. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall.
  • Gridster is a jQuery plugin that allows building intuitive draggable layouts from elements spanning multiple columns
  • PhotoSwipe - JavaScript gallery, no dependencies.
  • Split.js
  • v-accordion - Multi-level accordion component for AngularJS

# Lists, Grids & Trees

  • ag-Grid is a JavaScript Data Grid for Building Enterprise Web Applications
  • Inspire Tree - A lean, clean, blazing fast javascript tree.
  • List.js - Tiny, invisible and simple, yet powerful and incredibly fast vanilla JavaScript that adds search, sort, filters and flexibility to plain HTML lists, tables, or anything.
  • Treed - Powerful Tree Editor

# Misc

# Notifications

# Progressbars & Spinners

# Tooltips

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